Ex-stammerer Turned Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer And Mindfulness Coach

Rewire Your Subconscious Mind & Become a Confident Speaker
Who Can Speak In Any And Every Situation

By Working on the Root Cause Of Stammering

Purvi Rathod

- Ex-Stammerer Turned NLP Trainer and Mindfulness Coach

- 5+ Years of Intense research in this field

- +2000 people impacted

Why attend this workshop?

  • Gain a clear understanding of the real root cause of stammering which no-one talks about
  • Uncover the hidden reasons behind why 96% of people fail to overcome stammering
  • Get the exact steps to become a confident speaker 
  • Experience the most powerful NLP techniques to rewire your subconscious mind

February 11, 2024

10:00AM IST

Language - Basic mix of Hindi and English

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If you are a Person With Stammering Issue (PWS) And Want To...

Know the root cause of stammering


Identify the reason why you are able to speak fluently when no one is around but experience blocks in front of other people

Speak freely with anyone in any situation


Speak freely with strangers, bosses, superiors, teachers, family, and friends in any situation without the need to hide your stammering by substituting words

Acquire various actionable tools and resources


Get actionable tools and techniques in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for improving speech

Get freedom from the vicious cycle of stammering


Put an end to the vicious cycle of stammering and easily connect with everyone 

Speak with confidence and charisma


Tune into the rhythm of life with confidence and power

Tune-out of self-doubt and negative self-talk


Remove the monster named Self-doubt from your life and see your true light

If your answer to any of this is "Yes", then

What Will Change In Your Life?

Discover the mystery behind stammering and work on the Root Cause

You will be able to discover and work on the root cause of stammering and embark on the journey of transformation

Experience freedom from negative emotions due to stammering

Free yourself from the burden of shame, guilt, frustration, and anger that accompanies the inability to speak

See your true light and brilliance

You will be able to accept, love, respect yourself and see the brilliance in yourself the way you are. In-turn people around you will start respecting you

Overcome negative beliefs and mental barriers

You will be able to transform any negative thought or belief into an empowering belief

Feel the sense of belonging in social gathering

You will be able to connect with others easily and glide through challenging social interactions effortlessly, mastering difficult situations with ease and confidence

You will not get affected by the judgement /comments of others

Your emotions won't be a playground for others anymore, and you'll not be dependent on others, you'll gain emotional independence

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Meet Your Trainer


She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer, Mindfulness coach and the founder of the 'Dissolve Stammering Center'. She is also a Chartered Accountant.

In spite of taking speech therapy twice, her stammering got relapsed in just couple of months. Then she decided to take a charge of curing her stammering in her own hands and started doing research about stammering and its connection with the subconscious mind

After more than 1000 hours of time investment in attending various workshops related to subconscious mind and stammering and trial error on herself, she found the techniques that worked very well. By using those techniques she could improve her own self-image, confidence and she saw her own light shining bright. Now she teaches the same techniques to other PWS also.

She is on the mission to empower atleast 100,000 PWS to discover their true worth and help them speak freely without the need to hide stammering

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will I get the link to attend the program?

You will get an email right after you register. Please check the spam and promotions tab in your Inbox if the email doesn’t land in your PRIMARY tab.

  • Why is this masterclass free?

Being a PWS myself, I know there is very limited guidance available in this regard. To share essential information and techniques about stammering, I've decided to keep this masterclass free. However, you will see and experience the value of this masterclass after you attend it yourself.

  • Will I get the recording of the program?

This is the masterclass to experience Live, hence recordings will not be shared.

  • What do I need to keep handy during the webinar?

Just an open mind and a book to make a lot of notes.

  • What is the duration of the masterclass?

It would be around 2 hours long followed by QA

  • How can I continue and intensify the learnings?

Towards the end of the masterclass you will be invited to my course to deepen and intensify your journey of improving self-image and overcoming stammering. The masterclass is your first step towards the course.

Masterclass on 11 Feb, 2024
Tuesday, 10.00AM to 12PM IST

11 Feb, 2024 | 10.00AM IST

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